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Project / ProposalDescription Documents Supplemental DocumentsClosing Date
Construction of Gate 1 Access RoadConstruction of Gate 1 Access RoadNotice (pdf)
Bid Proposal Forms and Specifications (pdf)
Street Improvement and Signal Modification Plan (pdf)
On-site Design Build Construction Plan (pdf)
Greenbook Specifications (pdf)
Pre-bid Meeting Sign In Sheet (pdf)
Addendum 1 Notice (pdf)
Addendum 1 Bid Proposal Form (pdf)
Addendum 1 Construction Safety and Phasing Plan (pdf)
Addendum 1 Off Site - Traffic Signal Street Improvement (pdf)
Addendum 1 On Site - Gate 1 Access Road (pdf)
Addendum 2 Bid Forms (pdf)
Addendum 2 - Notice (pdf)
Addendum 3 On Site - Gate 1 Access Road (pdf)
Addendum 3 Bid Forms (pdf)
Addendum 3 - Notice (pdf)
Bid Log Sheet (pdf)
Revised Bid Log Sheet (pdf)
08/31/2018 | 10:00 AM

08/24/2018 | 9:00 AM Mandatory pre-bid meeting and job walk will be held at 1601 E. 3rd Street San Bernardino CA 92408