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Successor Agency

As part of the 2011 Budget Act, and in order to protect funding for core public services at the local level, the Legislature approved the dissolution of the state’s 400 plus Redevelopment Agency’s (RDA). After a period of litigation, RDAs were officially dissolved as of February 1, 2012. As a result of the elimination, property tax revenues are now being used to pay required payments on existing bonds, other obligations, and pass-through payments to local governments. The remaining property tax revenues that exceed the enforceable obligations are now being allocated to cities, counties, special districts, and school and community college districts, thereby providing critical resources to preserve core public services.

Oversight Board

In accordance with Senate Bill No. 107 (SB 107), Health and Safety Code Section 34179(j), effective July 1, 2018, the 26 oversight boards consolidated into one San Bernardino Countywide Oversight Board (CWOB). The CWOB is staffed by the County Auditor-Controller.

For further information contact the San Bernardino County Auditor-Controllers website.

Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS)

Each successor agency is responsible for drafting a Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) delineating the enforceable obligations of the former Redevelopment Agency and their source of payment every six months. ROPS are subject to the approval of the local oversight board.